Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fake Bake Spray Tanning

So I am pleased to tell you all I did it!

First impressions, the Salon looked lovely, a black and silver theme, maybe 6 chairs, not a large place but just big enough. I was greeted by one girl at reception, politely. I sat down in the waiting area. You could just feel a great atmosphere, employees and customers chatting away.

 I was taken through to the tanning area, which was a small room with the pop up tent thing to stand in and once I was ready the lady come in and started tanning.

At first I was shocked. Ha, it was very dark! But as the days gone on, I quite like it! There's no biscuity smell like there is to others. I was quite impressed. The customer service is brill and the product was great. So I am impressed!

Here's the before and after photos!


 (Sorry guys, ignore the play button, some plank here forgot to take a before photo but managed to making a video!) Also looking really tired due to late night, early morning combination!


Looking really grainy in the after photo, I dont know if this is due to the 'FaceTime' camera I used on my phone or if that is how to the tan looks on camera at the moment. Hopefully it'll look better tomorrow when I am allowed a shower! I will keep updating with better and better quality photos to show you the process.

In total it cost me £15.00 which I think is a bargin to be honest. The place I went, I will list it below, reccomends going once a week, but if you maintain the tan correctly it will last up to 3 weeks! (Also depends how many showers you have ;) Ha!)

The place I travelled to is called... The Salon in Skegness. They do all sorts of different things, such as nails, hair, tanning, massage, you name it, they do it. So far so good! Impressed :)


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